Ian and Kahlie - South Wedge, Rochester NY

We first met Ian and Kahlie when they responded to a post we made to help find homes for some neighborhood kittens - so, if that doesn't prove to you that they are awesome right away i don't what will.   They came and gave one of the kittens a great home, and we followed them on facebook and instagram to keep up with pictures of the cat, and also because we just instantly felt like they were super cool - and we weren't wrong.  Both of them being artists, we are always inspired by the work they post, and enjoy seeing the newest things they are creating.  We had planned engagement photos, and before we had the chance to actually meet up and shoot their pictures, we ran into them at a Jason Isbell concert in Canandaigua.  Our similarities kept resurfacing and we were getting pretty excited to actually get to spend some time visiting with them.  
We really enjoyed our time strolling around their neighborhood in Rochesters South Wedge.  We got to laugh and experience their corner of the city while we all shared stories.  The couple met at LUX and have been pretty inseparable ever since - which is a pretty great thing, because they are quite obviously, truly perfect for each other.  They are creative's, who live a pretty rad little life, with their cute-as-hell apartment full of antiques, art and their fuzzy friends as proof.  

We feel so lucky that the world brings people like this into our life. 
- Check out some photos of two of the coolest people we know being 100% in love!