Matt and Jessica say "I DO" - Genesee River Restaurant & Reception Center

We were so excited to witness this wedding day - years in the making.  Jessica recalls fondly the way she felt for Matt even back in her teen years.  She has had a love for him that was sparked years ago and even though their lives briefly took different paths, destiny brought them right back to where they were always meant to be - together.  
The story of Matt and Jessica is one of strength and attests to the depth of their love and the power it has.  The spark started years ago has grown into a bond and has become a light for them both and for the people around them, as together they stood side by side through loss, heartbreak, and hardship.  I think the things they've lived through together has taught them to love deeper and hug a little tighter.  They have truly become parters on their journey, as they've taken turns being strength to each other and being a constant reminder that even in the hardest of times, love and joy still exist - and to live with joy is the greatest choice you can make.  
Matt and Jessica are parents to two little boys who are a continuous source of happiness for this family.  The way these two team up at parents to give their boys such an amazing life is really inspiring.  I think my favorite moment of the night was when Matt and Jessica took time away from their guests to read Dakota his favorite book - at least five times in a row.  Its moments like these that illustrate the way they prioritize family, and the reason they live so happily.  Dakota also loved visiting with everyone and especially enjoyed dancing with his uncles.   Logan spent this wedding day collecting hugs, showing off his dance moves, and laughing hysterically with his friends as they had a continuous source of sugar via the "candy table".
This wedding was one that was filled with emotion.  It was a celebration of life, family, strength and of love.  These sentiments filled that room - and its these sentiments that will make this marriage one that will withstand every obstacle, and continue to bring them joy for the rest of their years.  

Cheers to Matt and Jessica!