She Said YES! Chris Proposes to Leanne - Wolf Creek, Letchworth State Park

When you've known someone for a long time, watching them fall in love means so much.  Chris is not the same person we met a handful of years ago.  I still remember hearing about his first date with Leanne and then all of the dates immediately following.  I don't think it was too far into those first dates that he told me that something had changed between them and he thought he was in love with her.  He face was so lit up and enthusiastic. The two started spending all their time together and when Leanne moved into Chris' house they started renovating to make it their home.  The pair are best friends.

When we got the call from Chris that he wanted to surprise Leanne, and propose at the sight of their first date, we were thrilled. Chris brought along his nephew Logan in the ruse that the reason we were all there was to take photos of him.  The day started out sweet with some shots of the three of them. We all hiked as a group up the stone staircase behind the Wolf Creek picnic area, playing with Logan and catching up. The sun broke through the pine canopy of the wooded cliffside, and the path opened up to the overlook.  Leanne turned to look out at the gorge with Logan and Chris dropped to his knee behind her.  The look on her face when she turned around was one I won't forget.  Stunned and joyed and overcome with happiness they kissed and embraced and SHE SAID YES!  The moment could not have been more perfect as they embraced, teary eyed atop of this gorgeous cliff with the sound of the trickling waterfall beside them.  

The hike back was full of laughter and happiness.  Leanne's hand looked beautiful with her Vera Wang diamond and sapphire ring sparkling on her finger.  The newly engaged couple headed home where Chris had both of their families waiting for a little engagement party BBQ.

The wedding is being planned for the fall of 2017.  Chris and Leanne are perfect together and crazy about each other and It makes me so happy to see these two beautiful people finding their place in life, together,