Rachel and Nick Wed at Sonnenberg Gardens

Nick and Rachel were introduced by mutual friends first at a "circle party" at Ithaca College, where they both went to school. They met again at one of their favorite locations in Ithaca: the Coddington bar, where Nick was the head bartender and DJ. Rachels friends and Rachel soon started to frequent the Coddington bar on weekends (which was actually just Nick's college apartment), so they had the opportunity to get to know each other over the course of their 2008 Fall semester. On December 12, 2008, Nick asked Rachel to be his girlfriend, and so the story began.

Nick asked Rachel to marry him on Saturday May 13, 2017 at a surprise engagement party. She woke up early that morning to go to her weekend job and Nick had told her that his car was in the shop and he dropped her off to work to be able to use her car for the day. Little did she know the real surprise he was planning for her! When he returned to pick her up he was with a friend from out of town and they all went to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, and stopped at Wegmans on the way home - being that this is Rochester those are all normal things to do in an evening. Blindfolded, Rachel was led inside by Nick, expecting a new high tech device or hot tub when he said he had a surprise for her. When she got through the house and onto the patio he removed the blindfold and revealed a beautiful spread of flowers, pictures, and food laid out with family and friends waiting. Friends that traveled from near and far all to be present for this romantic moment. Nick sat her down in front of an outdoor projection and everyone watched as a slideshow of pictures of them played, highlighting their life together. At the end he got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him. She said YES! - which brings us to this day.

August 4th 2018

The day started out with both parties separately getting ready at The Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua. The groom and groomsmen all wore navy blue suits from JoS A Bank’s. They looked so sharp, everyone was so excited and spirits were high as they got ready, singing along to some of their favorite tunes. Down the hall and out of sight, the bride and her party had hair and makeup done by Bellezza Salon & Spa, they all looked stunning, and everyone was so excited to be celebrating Rachel and Nick. When Rachel put on her dress from Lovely Bride, everyone was in awe of how perfect she looked and when her bridesmaids saw her they all broke out into song as the Little Mermaid’s “Ah ah ahhh, ah ah ahhhh, ah ah ahhh” just came out of nowhere. (<3 90’s kids). Everyone was so happy.

At 5:00pm, at the beautiful Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park, Nick and Rachel got married surrounded by several close friends and family members. The scene was perfect, we all watched the two promise to go through life together, there in a 131 year old mansion, in a place that proved that something could be kept beautiful and strong after years of weathering storms and the burdens of time if you just put care into it. After the Ceremony Nick and Rachel took some time to walk around the gardens and enjoy that newly married feeling and to take a deep breath before their party really started.

Down a stone lined path through gardens and a oversized pergola, a tent stood filled with everyone Rachel and Nick loved; Filled with family, co-workers, and friends the two of them have collected throughout the years; Filled with celebration. The couple even brought a life-sized cutout of their dog! The tent was beautiful inside, with chandeliers and tables with lush floral center pieces from Hopper Hills Florist. It was like stepping into a vintage garden party. The atmosphere at Sonnenberg complimented this aesthetic naturally. Nolan’s on the Lake prepared a unique and delicious station style dinner allowing guests to enjoy a variety of Nick and Rachel’s favorite foods. This couple thought of everything, and when it came time to entertain their guests - they did just that. The dance floor never had a quiet moment as family, friends, and Ithaca College Alumni, kept the night going right to the very end!

Florist: Hopper Hills Florist

Groom and Groomsmen attire: JoS. A. Bank

Brides dress: Lovely Bride

Hotel accommodations: The Inn on the Lake

Hair and Makeup: Bellezza Salon and Spa

Ceremony and Reception: Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion

Catering: Nolans on the Lake

Photography: Lass & Beau