Maureen and Rob - Engagement around Rochester NY! - Genesee Brew House, Corn Hill, SwiftWater Brewing

Maureen and Rob are two fantastic people and we couldn't be happier for them that they are engaged!  Their love is so effortless; it's a friendship, its laughing, it's passion - it's all of the things that make a relationship great.   This past handful of months have been a whirlwind of happiness for them as they welcomed their daughter Aubrey into the world and into their family, got engaged and started their wedding planning.  
We really enjoyed this session as we walked around Rochester - stopping at the Genesee Brew House where the two enjoy going on dates, Rochester's Corn Hill area, and a last stop at Swiftwater Brewing.  It was a session full of silliness and personality and all of the things that make these two so wonderful, and so perfect for each other.