Alan and Racheal - The Hall Wedding - Lass and Beau

I thought I'd start this blog by sharing my favorite memory of the day; After the ceremony while taking pictures of Alan, Racheal and Ethan - Ethan turned to Alan and said "did you get tears when mom was walking down the aisle?... because I did."  The love and pride that Ethan had beaming from him throughout this day is a perfect portrait of what weddings are all about.  Celebrating family and the love that ties them together.  
Alan and Racheals love story started years ago, and hundreds of miles away when the pair met in a small bar.  Falling in love and having Ethan made this duo a family and started them off on an adventure that would fill their lives with more joy and happiness then either one could have ever dreamed for when they said their first "hello".  Through the years they have moved a handful of times and are now settled into a beautiful home a couple towns over from the small town that Racheal grew up in and they are happy to be back and living close to Racheals family.  The Hall family dived right into life here and wasted no time in getting involved in the community making friends, and Racheal even coaches cheerleading in the league that Ethan plays football for.  Their life is a blessed one - they work hard for the wonderful things they have, and they cherish their family, friends and each other.

The Hall wedding brought family and friends from near and far in a gathering of love and support.  Alan's family traveled from out of state to stand by his side - It was so nice to see all generations of family seeing each other again.  From Alan and his brothers laughing and reminiscing, to the troop of cousins running around with giggles, the day was truly filled with joy.  Racheal had her sisters and nieces at her side, and was walked down the aisle by her teary eyed mother Deb, who has always been her greatest cheerleader.

 In a beautiful country barn, Alan and Racheal had a rustic country wedding that had people laughing, dancing and celebrating.  We felt honored to be there to capture the day as these two said their vows and cemented the love and appreciation they have for each other by sharing a last name.  
Cheers to Alan, Racheal and Ethan - The Hall Family