A romantic Rochester elopement in the Lamberton Conservatory

Rewind time, and Heinrich and Lauren were 2 strangers on an app who both "swiped right"

I still remember the way Heinrich's face lit up when he shared stories about Lauren, or talked about all her sassy quirks.  When he finally brought her to meet the family, we all instantly adored her.  She seamlessly stepped into our family.  Lauren brings out all the best in Heinrich.  They bring out the best n each other.  

Watching them fall in love has been a lot of fun.  Watching them become a family has been beautiful.  

They fell in love while remodeling Heinrich's kitchen and before we knew it, they were announcing a pregnancy to our family with a platter of baby buggy and onsie cookies.  The pregnancy not only brought Lauren and Heinrich closer, we all grew so much closer as a family while we waited for the newest addition!

Henrietta Mae entered our lives and stole our hearts in one fell swoop.  Heinrich and Lauren created a perfect baby girl.  The three of them share a love and a home, and now, they share a name.

On January 25th, a Monday afternoon, we all loaded into one car and drove to the Lamberton Conservatory with a camera and a marriage license.  In a beautiful greenhouse Heinrich and Lauren exchanged handwritten vows and rings while holding Henry in their arms.  It was a beautiful, emotional ceremony.  

After the ceremony we enjoyed some wedding dinner at the Dinosour BBQ.  

It was a perfect day, and a perfect start to a beautiful marriage.