Zach and Elizabeth's Linear Park engagement session

They had this sweet simplicity to their love, it was fun, it was, nurturing, it was romantic.

Zach and Elizabeth first contacted us about photographing their wedding back in the winter.  We all braved the worst storm of the year to meet at a Starbucks and talk wedding details.  Elizabeth and Zach are planning a romantic wedding in the woods of the Genesee Country Campground in Caledonia NY which we couldn't be more excited for! What we loved about Elizabeth and Zach, which is apparent as soon as you meet them, is how easy they are to be around.  They are so genuine and kind and it makes spending time with them feel so good!

We met Elizabeth and Zach again to capture these engagement photos of them which were taken at Channing H Philbrick park in Penfield NY ( Linear park ) This was especially fun because it was a park that Zach grew up going to and he was able to guide us all through the loveliest areas of the park and share stories about swimming there as a kid.  It was a perfect day for a little hike and we all loved the sunshine and fresh air.  Spending the afternoon with them gave us an even greater feel for the love they share.  It was silly, with lots of laughter, it was tender as they reached out to hold hands, and it was romantic, the love was written all over their faces as they stared into each others bright blue eyes!  My heart melted at the way he looked at her as he ran his hands through her hair and now we are more excited than ever to see these two best friends celebrate their love and forever unite it in marriage this summer!