Brian and Molly

In the beginning, there are only a few small factors that can either push us head first into love, or simply let us pass it by.

When Molly began working at SUNY Geneseo College Brian remembers seeing her and thinking "that girl is fiinnne".   She worked alongside his mother and suddenly he found himself making more and more trips into that office.  It wasn't long before both were completely smitten with each other and Molly convinced him to give up his bachelor life for a life beside her.     

When Brian decided that Molly was "the one" he had his mother's diamond re-set to create the perfect heirloom ring for her.  I love the romance of that gesture, and it makes a beautiful addition to Molly's left ring finger.  When he proposed they want on a little hike before he dropped to one knee and asked her to be his, she said yes and its been wedding planning ever since!  The two plan to wed in July of 2017.

 They claim to be pretty opposite personality types but when you see them together you wouldn't know it.  All you can see is the way they click; the undeniable chemestry which trailed through the campus in sound waves of laughter.  They may be different but they chose love, and they can't wait to be married and to wake up choosing love everyday.