Heinrich and Lauren's Beautiful backyard wedding

Heinrich and Lauren's beautiful backyard wedding was everything you could dream a wedding to be.  The yard was transformed with so many personal DIY touches, the couples pet pigeons cooing in the tree branches above us and wildflowers strewn about creating such a romantic backdrop to the celebration of such a beautiful love story.

Heinrich took Lauren's wish of having a little backyard pergola and wowed her by designing and building a huge pergola for them to say their vows under.  Crafted out of locally milled wood from the Amish community,  It was honestly breathtaking.  Wooden chairs were adorned with a wildflower and set up around the pergola for the ceremony.  Watching Heinrich stand under the pergola beaming as Lauren rounded the corner will always be one of my favorite memories.  Seeing your big brother lost in his own emotions of joy and love is such a happy feeling.  Lauren was gorgeous on the arm of her father, glowing with happiness and love.  She looked beautiful in her custom made dress, barefoot sandals and flower crown.   The two both wrote their own vows and emotions were high throughout the ceremony as everyone cried and laughed along with them.  They chose to have a small intimate wedding with just a handful of family and friends, some flying in from other states, including Lauren's Pa who flew in to see his beautiful granddaughter get married and meet his great granddaughter Henrietta for the first time adding to the specialness of the day.

Following the ceremony a food truck specializing in cheesy foods showed up with a menu of unique and delicious treats!  A food truck for wedding food is just about the coolest thing ever and everyone was so excited to try out the delicious menu items!  Laughter filled the back yard as we all visited with each other over our cheesy fares.  The wedding cake and cupcakes were made by a long time friend and neighbor of the bride and they were a perfect dessert, tasting just as good as they looked!

This wedding was one I'll remember forever.  Besides the fact the the couple was stunning, the flower girl was adorable, the backyard looked beautiful and the food was amazing - the love flowed so much throughout every aspect of the day.  I loved seeing my brother so blissfully happy. I loved having my family together and knowing that Lauren, someone I love and admire so much is part of that family now, and forevermore I have a sister in her.  I loved Lauren, Heinrich and Henrietta celebrating the happy family that they are. I loved getting to see Lauren's family and meet important people in her life that I haven't gotten to meet before.  I loved meeting her Pa and seeing the beautiful relationship they share with each other.  I loved so much about this day and thats because it was a day dedicated to two people sharing their love with each other and becoming a family, and thats about as beautiful as life gets.

Photos: Lass & Beau - Lassandbeau.com
Dress: Coralie Beatrix www.etsy.com/shop/CoralieBeatrix
Catering: Cheesedandconfused - cheesedandconfused.com