Goodbye Lindsay, Hello Dr. Saltsman

When Lindsay told us she was leaving for grad school we were equal parts excited for her and sad for ourselves.  Having her home this year has been amazing!  We have gotten to know our sister as not only a sister, but as a friend.  It turns out that Brock and her not only can tolerate each other, but they actually learned to love each other and enjoy each others company!  We feel lucky to have spent so many days making memories while she was home.  Trips to the zoo and the park and Darien lake, mornings lounging on the couch and dinners at mom and dads have been some of our happiest times. The kids have totally fallen in love with their Aunt and I'm happy that the bond they created this past year is a strong one, leaving us excited for holidays and long weekends and any chance that we can get some more time with her. Until those moments we feel lucky to have FaceTime so Opal can shout "SINSY!!  while Lindsay stares at for forehead on the other end of a screen.  

This year has also brought about some other strong connections for Lindsay as one little swipe right brought Justin into her life and heart.  Its safe to say that they are crazy about each other and its been so nice to watch the way they fell in love, and continue to fall more in love as time goes by.  The kids have already made their mind up and they are pretty set on this whole "uncle Justin" thing.  

This will be a long three years apart, but we will all make the most of it with visits and phone calls.  Lindsay is so inspiring and we are so proud of her for her drive and determination as she works hard to follow her dreams.  

(soon to be) Dr. Lindsay,  We love you.