Kristal and Dan Wed on a Dark and Snowy Night in a Cozy Lodge Surrounded by Friends and Family

When you meet Kristal you instantly are greeted with a huge smile and overcome with the amount of positive energy she puts out!  To know her, is to adore her and so its no wonder that Dan found himself completely in love with her.  Kristal is not the only one who stole a piece of Dans heart; Charlie, Kristal's son, is a huge part of their life. it wasn't long after meeting that Charlie and Dan became best friends and the three of them, along with their two dogs sure make one adorable and happy little family!

When planning their winter wedding, the most important aspect of their day was having fun while celebrating their love with friends and family.  It wasn't all about the details (though it was a lovely black and white wedding) It was about the smiles, the laughs and the memories they would be making.  When standing in the crowd of friends and family there were so many happy faces and joyous hugs as people united.

One of our favorite parts of a wedding is watching the way the groom reacts to seeing his bride for the first time.  When Kristal walked down the aisle hand and hand with her mom, Dans face lit up and he threw his head back in disbelief.  These are the reactions we live for!  He was blown away with his beautiful bride and then when they finally joined hands, it was Charlies face looking up at the two of them that brought tears to my eyes.  They said their vows, exchanged their rings and had one heck of a first kiss as man and wife!

The speeches brought lots of laughs, some teary eyed moments, and a room full of cheers!  One of the highlights from the night was when it was time to cut the cake.  It was a cake so pretty that somehow cutting it seemed wrong!  Made by Tiered Indulgence, this three foot tall cake with all edible handmade flowers was honestly the most breathtaking cake we've ever seen!  The first bites took a fun turn when the couple decided to go all out and smash cake onto each others faces.   I think Dan had cake from his forehead to his chin.  

The special dances kicked off the excitement as the dance floor opened up and the party started. We loved watching everyone busting out their best moves.  When we left for the night, we left smiling.  Smiling for the friendships we made, and smiling for the special day we shared with everyone in that lodge.  We are sure that this happy day was just one of many happy days that Dan, Kristal and Charlie will share together.