Heather and Michael Hutfles - Newlyweds at Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Heather and Michael were married on March 5th in an intimate and emotional ceremony surrounded by close friends and family in Pittsburg PA where the couple lives.  We felt honored when they asked us to photograph them and a few days later the pair packed up and adventured on a little road trip to Buffalo NY with their little girl Brooklyn.  Heather and Jenny are cousins who haven't seen each other in years and so it was an especially happy day; we were excited to be seeing them after so much time.  We loved getting to finally meet Brooklyn as we have been watching her grow over facebook through the years.  She was adorable and sassy and everything we hoped she would be.  It was so fun seeing her twirl around the gardens in her flower crown, collecting pebbles and little treasures. The time catching up with Heather was wonderful and we were happy to be meeting her husband for the first time.  It was so nice to see them so happy together and so much in love.  
The Buffalo Botanical gardens is one of our favorite places for photography. Its actually one of our favorite places to BE. We are plant nerds and so we love greenhouses in general because we enjoy being around so many beautiful plants. Heather and Michael shared our enthusiasm over the plants and it made for a really wonderful day as we strolled through the Botanical gardens, taking photos and catching up while we soaked up the sun coming in through the windows on such a cold Buffalo winter day.  

Enjoy the photos of Heather and Michael in all their newlywed bliss!

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