Emily And Felix got hitched! - Erie Canal Wedding - Buffalo NY - Lass & Beau

When Emily and Felix first met, they were instantly compatible. Emily, is an artist and buffalo transplant, who came to the area for school, but fit in well, being a natural creative. Felix is a buffalo native, and is heavily involved in the local music scene.  His first band was quite a foretelling to his future, with the band name of "Forever Emily". The connection between them was seemingly inevitable. Emily admits she fell in love with him on their first date, and remembers the minute she saw him being her "yup, he's the one" moment. Felix said he couldn't tell if she hated him or liked him on the first date - but now that they're married he is pretty sure she probably likes him. 

This wedding was so personal, unique and overall just a perfect day. Emily's eclectic style and vintage touch was really shining through. With blush pinks, pretty Succulents, fresh flowers, vintage china, and crystals lining the tables, Her wedding was a perfect blend of colors and styles. The venue, resting beautifully on the Erie Canal,  was a perfect spring spot with a view of the industrial bones of Buffalo's past, that rest just down stream.

(sidetone: Emily is probably the hippest girl I know, and on a cool scale of 1 to 10 she's my benchmark of a 10) So lets talk about this girls outfit. Emily always has had a really great sense of fashion and she does a great job of pairing things up perfectly.  Her wedding was no exception. Her Hair was perfect, with rose gold hues it matched her dress and accented her crystal green eyes.  Her blush colored princess gown was amazing with delicate beading and a pretty lace up back - and to make sure we all knew that she was still a complete badass at heart, she accented her princess dress with skull earrings and biker boots. She topped the look off with a mini waist cut leather jacket. Her bridesmaids also wore an assortment leather jackets paired with their black dresses.  Felix's blue and gray plaid vest complemented Emily's look nicely, and his groomsmen followed suit with grey slacks and white shirts.

This wedding was beautiful with so many stand out details and moments - but the heart of this wedding is obviously the love story of Felix and Emily.  They said "I do" with Felix gently wiping away the tears from Emilys face and everyone there was feeling the overwhelming love they shared.  These two care for each other so deeply.  Together they have made their own little family and a home where they both feel happy and complete.  Living as husband and wife, with their corgi puppy Zerk, life has never felt sweeter.