Margaret and Colin Desrosiers' beautiful lakeside wedding - Inns Of Aurora - Lass & Beau


We anxiously made the drive to the Inns of Aurora on the morning of September 30th; it had been a handful of months since we spent an afternoon taking engagement photographs of Margaret and Colin and that experience had left us really excited to be a part of their wedding day.  Margaret and Colin are wonderful, warm and kind individuals and after spending a short time with them, it was easy to see how they ended up falling for each other.  We love the way they adore one another - they talk about each other with so much admiration and respect.  As the pair both work hard towards their goals for the future, they are continuously supporting and encouraging each other but they also make sure to still have fun and keep each other laughing.  

We love weddings because we feel honored having the chance to document such an important chapter in a couples journey together.  Leading up to the wedding we like to get to know the love story behind the big day.  Margaret responded to us with a message narriting how they met, fell in love and got engaged.  We enjoyed reading this so much, that we decided to share it directly from her!

"Colin and I met while in college at the University of Rochester. Colin was a sophomore and an RA on my freshman hall. We met when I asked a friend for help deciding which biology classes to take and he introduced me to Colin, who was a biochemistry major. I was immediately smitten by the cute, smart, and kind RA! We began hanging out around the dorm with other friends and classmates. Colin finally asked me to go play tennis with him, which was out first time hanging out one-on-one. The romance really began the night of his fraternity's annual Toga Party. I went with my roommate (Alaina) and we were dancing together when Colin came by. Alaina knew about my major crush on Colin and encouraged me to dance with him with a not-so-gentle nudge into him! We ended up dancing the night away and sharing our first kiss later that night. Our next time together was a ski outing at Bristol Mountain. Colin asked me out on an official date on NYE and our first date was dinner and a movie on new years day. We soon went to the Adirondacks to hike our first peak together (Phelps Mountain) with my mom and brother John as well. This passion for the outdoors is something very important to the both of us. Our families are also important to us as well, and we both fell into place very well with each other's parents and siblings. Our romance developed as we continued to go on countless backpacking and snowshoeing trips in the mountains as well as traveling to Montreal for a ski trip, Florida, Colorado, and eventually to Europe together as well. 

The proposal was absolutely the perfect surprise. After my medical boards in July 2016 Colin and I planned a trip to one of our favorite places in the Adirondacks to relax and celebrate. Little to my knowledge, Colin had already had a ring designed and made that he had shown to my parents (with their approval). We were having trouble deciding which mountain to hike, and Colin suggested Phelps (the first high peak we had climbed together about 6 years prior). I was confused as to why he didn't want to hike a new peak, but went along with the plan. We got an early start to the hike on a rainy and rather chilly July mountain morning, and Colin took off at a jogging pace up the trail! I didn't understand at the time that he was worried about getting up to the top before any other climbers made it up there. After a faster than usual hike to the top, we were disappointed to find a few other hikers up there. However, Colin remembered that there was a secret lookout just around the bend of the trail and ran ahead, shouting at me to follow. I came around the corner and there was a break in the tree line with a gorgeous view and Colin kneeling down by his backpack. My first thought was that he was reaching into his bag for some snacks, not a ring. It took me a minute to realize what was really happening, but I was soon overcome with joy as Colin asked me to marry him and I said yes! It was the perfect few minutes of just us on top of the mountain, and I felt on top of the world! We were so excited that we practically ran down the mountain and found the nearest store to buy a celebratory bottle of champagne." 

This journey of theirs has now brought them to a life living as Mr. and Mrs. and their wedding (much like this love story) was completely perfect. The beautiful Inns of Aurora were breathtaking - From the regal properties down to the view of the lake, it was such a romantic setting for a wedding.  Friends and family filled the rooms of the lakeside homes, and filled the air with excitement and energy as so many wonderful people came together for such a treasured day.  Many people traveled great distances to share in celebration, including family members who came from other countries. 
    Margaret and her bridal party all stayed in The Rowland house, where they prepared for the day ahead.  The room was filled with laughter as the girls got pampered with makeup by Angel Flint and romantic updos by the super talented Benn Lobol and his team from Ape + Canary.  Colin and his groomsmen shared drinks and prepared for their day at the stunning Wallcourt Hall.  The Schoeniger and Desrosiers wedding was romantic, elegant and oozing with style.  Margaret was stunning, with a modern and elegant wedding gown by designer Theia. The sleek silhouette, with a low cut back fit her perfectly, while the long sleeve lace design gave it the perfect romantic feel.  Her burgundy shoes were the perfect choice, giving a splash of color and an added wow.  Her Bridemaids wore the "Tricks of the Trade" burgundy dress from Lulus.  The dress allowed them all to get creative and style their own unique look by how they choose to fashion the straps.   
     Colin looked dapper and dashing in an impeccably fitting, blue suit from Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds wingtips, and a bowtie that matched Margarets burgundy shoes. In a touching moment between father and son before the ceremony, Colin's father loaned him his watch for the evening. 
     On the docks behind the Rowland house, the couple exchanged letters and shared an emotional "first look".  The moment was so perfect, and their faces when they first saw each other were so filled with joy and love.  Following the first look friends and family gathered for pictures and laughed together over cocktails.  
    Walking into the Inns of Aurora and seeing the dining area took our breath away.  The Chandeliers filled the area with a warm glow and we were in awe of the work of Stacey K Floral!  The bouquets were truly stunning and her talents dazzled every area of the Inn with lush floral arrangements encourporting vibrant colors and unique flowers.  The centerpieces were so gorgeous on all of the tables, as were the arrangments adorning the ceremony and the florals on the cake.  
     Guests all watched on with smiles as Margaret and Colin exchanged their vows in a lovely lakeside ceremony.  They had no shortage of hugs and congratulations as everyone shared in their happiness.  A delicious dinner followed some beautiful speeches given by Margaret's father Luke, Rachel and Pete.  They shared funny stories, made everyone laugh and even prompted some tears.  Everyone in the room was so happy to toast Colin and Margaret, honoring the journey that brought them to this day together.  
     Colin and Margaret shared their first dance as husband and wife, and also shared a couple special dances with their parents.  Following these dances The band Nik and The Nice Guys took over the microphones and took over the party!  We were blown away with how many talented musicians were a part of this band, and how much fun and energy it brought to the night.  This was a crowd that loved to dance. We adore weddings where people dance.  Dancing is such an expression of joy, and the room was filled with laughter, fun and some pretty fancy footwork.  There was a quick pause in the music to cut the beautiful and delicious cake from the Scratch Bakeshop.  During this time the room filled with sweet treats of all sorts and everyone indulged in dessert and fueled up to finish off the rest of the night of dancing.  Margaret and Colins wedding filled the night with happiness as friends and family gathered to celebrate.

This wedding had so many amazing vendors working to make Margaret and Colins wedding day so perfect.  Special thanks to the following people for all you did to make the Desrosiers wedding the dream that is was!

Venue and Catering:
The Inns of Aurora
Heather Davidson - Inns of Aurora wedding planner

Bridal Party Getting ready:
The Rowland House

Grooms Party getting ready:
Wallcourt Hall

Lass & Beau

Live Band:
Nik and The Nice Guys

Stacey K Floral

Ape + Canary
BenN Lobol and team

Angel Flint

Designer - THEIA
Dress shop - Lovely, Victor NY
Alterations - I Do Alterations

Grooms Suit:
Brooks Brothers

Bridesmaids Dresses:

Scratch Bakeshop