Elizabeth and Brendan - (Lizzy & Bubba) High school sweethearts till the end of time

Elizabeth and Brendan met in elementary school, and have known each other most of their lives.   With a love story starting in Jr. high, I think its the fact that they grew up together that makes their love so easy and true.  The years have only brought them closer, and cemented their feelings for one another.  - They have that old fashion kind of love that story books are made of!    

We love that they both value themselves and each other enough to chase down their own dreams, while still devoting themselves to their relationship.  Lizzy is working on her Nursing degree while Bubba serves our country.  With both of them living in the same small town their whole lives, these new endeavors have challenged them in new ways - for the first time they have distance between them.  These new challenges haven't pulled them apart, but just made them realize how much they have to be thankful for, and how sweet life will be when they have both accomplished their own goals and can live a life side by side again.  Until then they keep countdowns of days till they'll see each other next, and they love and support one another from afar.  Their strength and commitment to their relationship is absolutely beautiful and we feel lucky that we got to spend some time capturing the love they share!! 

Enjoy this couples session in Vitale Park

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Jenny & Brock