Ben and Michelle - Engagement session in Letchworth State Park

When we first met Michelle and Ben, we were really excited to hear about their wedding plans! We love when couples are full of fun ideas and what could be more exciting than a Disney Tangled, fairy tale wedding?!   In May of 2018 the couple will be wed in Tonawanda Castle.

We were already excited for their wedding, but after spending the day with them we feel that much more invested in their love story.  As we photographed them throughout Letchworth park we got to see how truly perfectly they are matched.  They cuddled next to the beautiful Letchworth gorge and Ben told us all of the reasons he knew Michelle was the one for him, and how much better his life is with her in it.  I couldn't help but smile as he gave her a twirl and a dip and casually said, "I do that a lot around the house, like if we're cooking dinner or something, I just grab her and give her a twirl".  Its this type of dedication to the romance in everyday life that keeps sparks flying and makes Ben and Michelle's love one that is truly deserving of the fairy tale wedding.  

After seeing how much they adore each other, we can't wait to cry at their wedding!