Molly and Brian - A romantic wedding with vintage accents - Conesus NY - Lass & Beau

Molly and Brian met while they were both working on the campus at SUNY Geneseo college. Brian, in attempt to play it cool, declined molly's requests to date, even though he was already smitten and thought Molly was "smoking hot".  Of course her pretty face (cute booty) and determination wore him down.  The two of them went on a hike through Stony Brook State Park, in Dansville, Ny and after that were pretty much inseparable. They love to push each other to do things they normally wouldn't want to do. If you ask either of them they are very much opposites of one another in just about every aspect; personality, habits, likes & dislikes, so they feel like they are constantly learning to compromise with one another and challenged to grow and think outside their box.  They appreciate these differences in each other and Molly especially appreciates Brian's wacky sense of humor and how caring and loving of a person he is.  

Molly and Brian's wedding was so beautiful. Set on a valley top golf course, the views were breathtaking. The sky wanted to rain, but held out through the wedding, making a beautiful cloudy sky.  Inside, the vintage decor, and handmade (by the bride) centerpieces and details were perfect. An early 20th century typewriter sat, fully functioning, for guests to enter little messages into. Black and white photographs of Brian and Molly's childhood were a focal point of table settings, and with them the nostalgia that ensues swept over the guests - most of whom have known Brian or Molly their entire lives.  It was so wonderful to watching as these two families came together as one around Brian and Molly.

At the end of the night after a serving of amazing BBQ from The Three Legged Pig, the party started, the lights dimmed, and this group let loose and really celebrated the love story that made the whole day possible!  Molly and Brian are two of the most genuine people that any of us have ever known and they were right where they were meant to be, together, bumping and grinding to Sir Mix-A-Lot.