The Longwell Wedding - Hickory Ridge - Lass and Beau

Chris and Rachel are truly one of the most devoted couples we have ever photographed.  Their support for each other and dedication to the life they are building is front and center in their relationship. When they met through a mutual friend they quickly realized how many connections they had and that they had even crossed paths before and never met. Its as if their lives had just been building up and waiting for the perfect moment for them to meet.  Life for Chris and Rachel became a whirlwind as they quickly fell in love, became engaged, bought a home and filled it with their puppies.  Knowing their love for each other was so strong made photographing their wedding that much more special.

Rachel looked stunning from her hair down to her shoes,  she thought of every little detail. Her dress was gorgeous and shimmering, her makeup was seriously on point thanks to the awesome makeup artist Nikki Rogers. Her shoes complemented the dress and had the special touch of a handwritten poem on the sole. Her attention to detail and devotion to family was clear, as Rachel had little hidden special touches throughout her day.  She wore a special locket, and had sentimental trinkets in her bouquet and even sewn into her dress. Chris looked dapper in his tan suit, and of course, the look wouldn't have been complete without a superhero shirt underneath.  

Chris and Rachel chose Hickory Ridge in Holley NY for both their ceremony and reception.  It's a beautiful lodge that sits waterside and is surrounded by variety of pines and hard woods. It looked lovely with its early November foliage still present. Inside, the tables were set with deep rich fall color tones and leaves were scattered across the tabletop.  The hard work that Rachel put into all of her centerpieces and all of her DIY projects really showed, as the room was full of personal touches that truly made it so special.  The lodge was aglow with strings of lights and decorated with many pictures of loved ones.  We love the rustic look of Hickory ridge with the giant hearth at the center and wagon wheel chandeliers hanging all down the hall. 

Rachel and Chris both shared an intimate prayer with their wedding party before the ceremony.  Many happy tears were shed as Rachel and Chris said their vows and committed their lives to their marriage surrounded by family and friends.  The room was full of people who were excited to be celebrating this love story and after a delicious dinner followed by the special dances, dancing and laughter filled the night.  

We loved seeing all the dance moves and crazy antics keeping the party going.  From the shoe game, to table games - there was never a dull moment.  We feel so truly honored to have celebrated along Chris, Rachel and their amazing friends and family!  Cheers to the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Longwell.  May life continue to fill your days with love and laughter!

Ceremony, reception and catering
Hickory Ridge Golf Resort
Davids Bridal
Kenny Tully from Turner Music Productions
Makeup Artist
Nikki Rogers